GOOD Awaits

Introduction: Harvesting the Seeds of Potential

May 11, 2021
Welcome to GOOD Awaits - The Regenerative Tourism Podcast
In this introductory episode, meet Debbie Clarke and Josie Major of GOOD Awaits, as they set out on a journey to explore what regenerative tourism looks like in New Zealand. 
Debbie and Josie discuss the enormous impact of the global pandemic on New Zealand’s visitor economy, as well as the opportunity it provides to allow us to reconnect and reimagine. They explore the idea of regenerative tourism as a paradigm shift, a complete systems change that can only truly be regenerative if diverse communities come together to embark on this journey collectively. 
The GOOD Awaits podcast hopes to create a collective platform of discovery for a new way forward. You are invited to be part of this discovery, to join them in this ongoing practice of asking questions, of listening to each other, of imagining together, of harvesting the stories of this journey of regenerative tourism in NZ.
Join the conversation:
With grateful thanks to:
Clarrie Macklin for music and production
Erin Carnes for our beautiful logo and graphic design
Impact Hub Waikato for their support of this project 
Episode notes:
Opportunities for Regenerative Tourism in Aotearoa New Zealand - 7 April 2021- Two recent presentations to our government
Back to Life Online Regenerative Tourism Course by Anna Pollock and Michelle Holliday:

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