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Kristin Dunne - Courageous Leadership & The DNA of Place

June 2, 2021

In this episode, Debbie and Josie interview Tourism Bay of Plenty’s Chief Executive, Kristin Dunne, who has been a forerunner in regenerative tourism in Aotearoa New Zealand. You’ll hear how Kristin’s courageous leadership has inspired the Bay of Plenty community to create a unique vision for the future of their place, and how understanding the authentic “DNA” or essence of a place is essential to establishing a regenerative visitor economy. 

If Episode 1 is an introduction to the thinking behind regenerative tourism, Episode 2 is an inspiring example of this brave and transformative work in action, and demonstrates the need for this thinking at both the regional and national level. We hope you find this conversation as enlivening and motivating as we did. 


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We're very grateful to: 

Kristin Dunne for the time she gave us for this episode, and for her courageous leadership in the regenerative tourism movement

The teams at GOOD Travel and New Zealand Awaits

Erin Carnes for our logo and graphic design 

Clarrie Macklin for our music and production 


Episode notes:

Tourism Bay of Plenty

Bay of Plenty: Te Hā Tāpoi | The Love of Tourism 2019-2022

Bay of Plenty Visitor Economy Strategy 2018-2028 

Bay of Plenty: Tourism with Purpose

Bay of Plenty: Connect with Residents Strategy

Bay of Plenty: Dine on a Lime

Destination Think

Fresh Info 

Tourism Futures Taskforce Interim Report

Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment’s Tourism Report 2021

Kristin Dunne:



(Our guests will often use words from Te Reo Māori, New Zealand's indigenous language, in their interviews. We welcome and celebrate this, and for listeners outside of New Zealand for whom these may be unfamiliar, we offer an interpretation here to aid your understanding. For more detail, you can reference We also offer explanations of acronyms and other industry terminology used in hope of making GOOD Awaits more accessible.)

Kaitiaki: guardian, steward

Iwi: extended kinship group, tribe, 

Hapū:  kinship group, subtribe

Tūrangawaewae: “place to stand”, place where one belongs

Whakapapa: genealogy, lineage

Manaakitanga: hospitality, care, welcome

Tikanga: cultural protocol and values

Te Reo Māori: Māori language 

Karakia: to recite a ritual chant or blessing 

Pepeha: a way of introducing oneself, identifying your connections to people and place

Waiata: song

Rōpū: group of people, association

Kaumātua: Respected and knowledgeable elder/s, person of status within a family or group

RTO - Regional Tourism Organisation

DMO - Destination Management Organisation 


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