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Nadine Toe Toe - “Change a Town Through Tourism”

June 9, 2021

In this episode, Debbie and Josie interview Nadine Toe Toe, Co-Director of Kohutapu Lodge & Tribal Tours, a whānau-owned and operated tourism business with a vision to “Change a town through tourism”.  Nadine shares how her family and business are an integral part of their community and the experience they offer visitors is one of deep cultural exchange that gives back to the tamariki (children) of the area through opportunities for travel, growth, and development. Nadine also discusses how regenerative tourism practice is strongly aligned with Te Ao Māori, the Māori worldview, and therefore is not new, but deeply rooted in ancient indigenous wisdom. 

We’ve introduced regenerative tourism principles in our first two episodes from an overarching view and then a regional view. In this episode we hear from a local, community based tourism business owner providing an inspiring example of regenerative tourism in practice. We hope you find much value and inspiration in this conversation.

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Episode notes

Kohutapu Lodge and Tribal Tours

Manawa Ora Rangatahi

Whirinaki Footsteps Guided Cultural Walks


(Our guests will often use words from Te Reo Māori, New Zealand's indigenous language, in their interviews. We welcome and celebrate this, and for listeners outside of New Zealand for whom these may be unfamiliar, we offer an interpretation here to aid your understanding. For more detail, you can reference We also offer explanations of acronyms and other industry terminology used in hope of making GOOD Awaits more accessible.)

Whānau: family 

Iwi: extended kinship group, tribe, 

Hapū:  kinship group, subtribe

Rangatahi: youth

Kai: food

Pānui: public notice, announcement

Manuhiri: guests, visitors

Hāngī: earth oven to cook food with steam and heat from heated stones

Tikanga: cultural protocol and values

Pōwhiri: a Māori welcome ceremony 

Koha: a gift or expression of gratitude, 

Papa kāinga: home base, village

Whakawhanaungatanga: the process of establishing relationships and  connections 

Whenua: land

Kaumātua: respected and knowledgeable elders 

Kuia: elderly woman, grandmother


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